Monday, January 2, 2012

SO FAR....

You realize there are thousands (maybe millions) like you with the same fervor, same determination, same strength as you. Someone as eager to be of service to the place you are linked with. I have meet many of them just within these three days. Every volunteer here at the Indian Science Congress, they display so much of energy it is sometimes tiring. But I don't show my lassitude. And so like magic the energy replenishes itself.  Everyone and I mean every single one is just so full of energy. I like that.
And with so extra extra energy we have been having a lot of fun. I am known as the "skeleton" now since they find it so strange I have real human bones under my bed. They freaked out when I told them all medical students have real human bones for study. The mechanical students have to cut metals, weld pieces together. The electrical students build electronics. This interesting guy told me that Electricity is the study of conductors, and electronics is the study of semi-conductors. And they freaked out more when I told them that we had to incise and study a cadaver(dead human) in our first year. Apart from all these, I am getting to know a lot of people from different modes of career and from different parts of the world. It feels good. I have lots of friends now.

Today we were sitting outdoors and chit chatting in a big group. No one was criticizing anyone. We were of course pulling legs (but it is indeed very different from criticism). A very good social gathering. After humans are social creatures.
I have to gather some information on paintings and palm leaf writings.
Tomorrow the Prime Minister of India is visiting here. I have got to take a photograph with him. :D

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