Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunny-Not always welcomed.

Gone are the innocent days when sunny just meant a fine weather. When sunny just was a nick name for a person.
Yes it is still a nick name till date. It is also some peoples official name, when their parents decide their child is very sociable and is capable of brightening someones day.
After the Bigg boss (Indian reality show similar to Big Brother) hit the TV screens and the participants were revealed, it sent a shock wave in all of India. Why so? Because Sunny was there to make the show much more sunnier. I bet the number of views increased. Innocent people who actually loved the show now had to know a career like porn-star exists. And maybe many children went curious on the new member in the house and saw her in the internet.
So I am talking about Sunny Leone. She is pretty I admit. She is Indo-Canadian and she is a porn star and she has fringes as of now. Just imagine the curiosity you get when you know a porn-star living in a house and what would she do? Would it create headlines?

Leaving all that apart, I have had a new hair cut. Fringes to be precise. And ever since then I have been called Sunny. Not because I am very happy and cheerful but because of my hair. Oh well. I might just embrace it. Because one boy pointed that out now pretty much everyone in class knows that. And so I hate sunny.

My closest friends call me Chinchu. Cute name isn't it? I love it I will tell you. But I would love it more had it not sounded like one of this lecturers surname whose first name is Sunny. And so every time she calls me Chinchu, they think she's pairing me up with that lecturer.

Sunny is so over rated. It's not so fine anymore.
How I miss those by-gone days when sunny was just a fine weather? Just a nick name.!

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