Monday, January 23, 2012

The troubling trouble.

The last post I wrote was about the huge water fight mishap.

Today was like any Monday, for medicine students. Today is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's birthday and those of you who know history must be knowing his birthplace is here in the city of Cuttack. Cuttack is in Orissa. I am expecting my sister to know this fact since we read this in a museum when we were in Andaman Islands. But I know very well that Anniesha wouldn't remember all these little boring details. :P
So all the branches in this college got a day off today except for us the medical students. And waking up knowing that was depressing.
Tennis lessons had a day off too so I slept the entire morning. I had spent the previous night partying with my friends. It was a birthday celebration. We had lots of food and cakes and chocolates and THE drink. (Winks). I don't drink myself but it is always amusing to watch people get drunk and lose control over their senses and blurt out stupid secrets.

Classes got over at 3 PM today unlike the usual 5 PM. So we heartily came back to our rooms. And after that I went out on a date with my boyfriend. I met my friends again for a little birthday gathering at the B-Tech Campus where the grass is green and the air is clean. My bhutanese friends have got in the frenzy of playing CHUNKI for reviving their golden school days when they were back in Bhutan. I personally dislike the game. For my highest score is a single digit four!

After that Debashish(my boyfriend) and I buy an M-SEAL. It is a mixture that is supposed to be very adhesive and holds two forceful surfaces together. I needed it to hang my mosquito net from the ceiling.

When I return to my hostel there is the warden in her office and my friends and the other people of my block are in her office. They lady at the reception tells me to go to my room and wear full pants (for I had been wearing quarter pants).
I go to my room and find a note along with a PSS brand key chain on my bed saying "PSS loves Franklin". Let me code this guy I hate as PSS. And Franklin is my teddy bear whom I love very much. PSS is a son of a rich man and he owns wealthy enterprises and so few days ago PSS had given me a diary with his name, a key chain with his name and a calendar with his name on it). As you get it PSS is a little too obsessed with himself .
My friends have been teasing me with PSS since then.
The note was left by Smruti P. Mishra.

After I find that note my mind sets to work and then I take a little bit of M-SEAL and I sneak into Smruti's room climb on the window and I seal that darn key chain on her ceiling. HEHEHE.

And I go immediately to the warden's office where she is scolding/ disparaging/ reprimanding the people in my block. Turns out the very recluse people complained that 2 buckets of soapy oily water had been thrown into their room and one of them supposedly slipped badly!
All because I had thrown a little water balloon on Smruti and accidentally hit their door but no one knew about it.
And after that we come back to our room and laugh.
And laugh even more on seeing the key chain hung on Smruti's ceiling.
Well after that I can't tell you here...

I have got to study now.