Monday, July 2, 2012

Examination goofs.

(Precaution- Medical jargon avalanche).
I am back to writing again. My theory papers are over and I feel elated even though my final paper today was a complete disaster.
So let me start with the first subject that I had to face- Pathology (study of diseases)- This subject I had prepared for and all I can say is that I will pass. I suppose we all get a little bit over confident at times and so I cannot be blamed for my silliness.

I wrote a 7 page long answer for a question and in its entire content the term used was wrong. And I wrote it with so much of confidence. I used the term "pallor"(instead of rubor) to describe redness that occurs on the skin. Confidence generated by the ward duty and nearly 2 years of reading Robbins has lead me to this. If any medical student is reading this, please note that "P" for pallor= Pale! "R" for redness= Rubor. 
Another notable goof is that I answered that succinylcholine is administered in Cesarean section delivery so that the woman can "actively" participate in the process! WHAT WAS THAT!?! Anyone with enough common sense would know that a woman is unconsciousness during a Cesarean section.
All I can say is that we had a good laugh.

Today it ended with Forensic Medicine and Toxicology paper. Now for the rest of the subjects I have had prepared well and I have done it up to the mark too. But this is the subject neglected by many because of the laws of the IPCs and Sections blah blahs involved in it. I mean to say I never read the book. 
And I realised the FMT textbook is in fact the most interesting textbooks in my history of all the text books I have come across that the night before examination I read the chapter "PERVERSIONS AND DEVIATIONS" that was not not included in the syllabus. (But at least now I am equipped with a lot of verbal abusive complex words in my arsenal that I can use on people I dislike).
But nothing beats this.
Lochia= Post-prandial secretions.

P.S did I mention that I left the microbiology paper in a hurry so that I could empty my bowels? Yes I did.

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