Sunday, July 8, 2012

Say what! I did not do that!

Yesterday we had practical revision class on Microbiology. Let me enumerate some fact de essentails about the Micro department here. It is the nastiest department where 100 students are stuffed in a tiny room at once (in other department it is 50 students each in one room), plus the Bunsen burner(a fire source) is kept on most of the time for experiments-which means the fans are turned off(it's very hot here with temperature reaching around 30-40 degree Celsius). And to top it all the faculty members are super NASSSTY ( I am saying that with a twisted tongue). They are altogether despicable because they cannot withstand even 1 decibel of sound and so we have proceed the experiments or observations in utter silence (with a funeral like procession). It is not like that in other departments.
So what did I do yesterday? There were around 60 different culture media and bacteria and fungus grown on them. The solid media look so attractive. Red, and a sea-green, some lavender and a blue and a shiny metallic sheen (you know what I mean). I could not contain myself and so I opened the Petri dish(the plate where bacteria is grown) lid and touched the chocolate agar and then the blood agar. The sweat and grime and so many bacteria/fungi on display!
Chocolate agar media for growing bacteria.

Now I have really long hair. A few strands got in my tongue and I bit them off accidentally so that bits of some hair were left in my tongue. My gag reflex was activated and I was left with trying to expel it from my mouth. A cough like protective action. YUCK! I went outside. I had to take it out immediately or I knew I was going to vomit so my natural reflexes allowed me to put my hands in my mouth and take out the hair bits.

EWW EWW EWW! I had been touching the culture media! I spit it out (I know it is dirty) and then went back to the laboratory.
After coming back to my room I brushed my teeth three times.
Doesn't it look attractive?
I think I have developed some ulceration on my tongue because it feels a little uncomfortable (and this is hypochondriasis).

pE@ce. Dr. Diksha.

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