Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just One More to Go!

The Forensic Medicine grand viva and practicals got over today and I feel free. Now there is only Pharmacology left.  
The skies  look blue once more and there is joy at the sight of green trees. The clouds make more meaning and I am a bird who just found that wings are meant for letting you to fly...
I have decided I shall never take up Forensic Medicine as my major subject later on. (See I am already streamlining my options.) 
So while I feel all wonderful and like a bird who can fly, I shall remain oblivious to the fact that the results haven't been declared yet. There have been many a times that MBBS slapped me right  on the face.  Months of preparation sometimes prove to be insufficient and retaining a lot of information in the head seems like a near impossible task. But you can't quit now or not anytime. 

But right now I am off to watching a movie. And the air around me feels great!

pe@cE- Dr. Diksha

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