Saturday, July 7, 2012

On the great despondency of losing my Microbiology record~

I am posting some borin artistic or rather lilac-tonous diagrams of Pathology record. (I am just keeping it uploaded here so that I can come back here anytime and see what a mess I drew in these days).
First I don't know what to do - Because I have to submit the Microbiology record the next week and it comprises of some (vital) scores I need in order to make it through second year! 

I am whistling and making paper planes out of Smokin' Joes ad paper and tossing them over to (my enemies) room. (Cus they said looking at the bright side is the key to a happy living).

Yep the constitution said that medical students need to be mentally fit as well as their artistic sides should be fine and polished. (I am making that up).

I suppose these are my best ones. Aren't they lilac-tonous? :D


Sweta Giri said...

Your diagrams are neat!
So text book like!
Mine would look like stick figures in comparison to yours. Thank god we're not made to maintain such records here!
Good luck with completing the micro record! :)

Diksha Chhetri said...

Hey thank you so very much. You know in first year Histology was a disaster for me, Sonam and Yeshi because we used Camlin colour pencils and drew with pink and reds mostly. The 65 year old woman Histologist always used to say "Bhutanese pilla ku kichee asu nee" (Bhutanese students don't know anything). We were made to use Faber-Castell brand lilac and pink for most of the shading and it was a tough year with her always disapproving the Bhutanese students. And so maybe because of her most of us are able to draw fine diagrams. :)

Sweta Giri said...

She turned out to be a blessing in disguise, eh? Hehe.
Btw, what's the language she spoke in? The one you've quoted?

Diksha Chhetri said...

That's Oriya. Yup she indeed was a blessing in disguise thanks to her,but we still can't help but despise her.:P