Friday, July 20, 2012

I love love love TENNIS!

The day is beautiful. The sun is partly behind the clouds and there is no rainfall. The wind is cool and blows gently, and I especially love the way it flutters my hair. So I let it loose. 

I wear the brand new shoes my Mom bought it. It's really pretty. Pink and white and it has excellent grip. Perfect tennis shoes. I haven't gone to play tennis yet. My tennis comrades-my boyfriend and Romama are well enjoying this ten days break. He is at his home, Romama is vacationing at the Bali islands. It's like I don't need them all the time, but right now I just woke up from a really long months of reading books!

Anyway hanging out with my Bhutanese friends is so very refreshing. Yesterday we went to see a Sitar show and in the bus-what did we argue about!!?! Anatomical knowledge. Since I have been blabbering about my newly acquired Pharmacology knowledge (I told him about what drugs to use in hemorrhage) and well I have bedazzled all of my Dentist friends by telling them the order of eruption of teeth at which age (we were taught age estimation by dental records in Forensic medicine in case a rotted body has come and we need to assess the age).
And that is when the attacks on me starts- From Ashik. He asks me "Why do we get brain freeze? Tell the nerves involved!" I go like of course some palatine nerves... (Oh come on it's been so long since I last read Anatomy). Then he asks "The danger area of the face and the routes". I tell him the area and the involvement of cavernous sinus but he wants more detailed answer. (The denstists have a more intensive study of the head and the neck).My other friends like Tashi and UT who are doing Engineering are confused and go like "FACE HAS A DANGER AREA??" haha.

And we sing the rest of the journey. The musical show was fantastic. How very charming the notes of a sitar is! And the flute that was played in the back ground made me want to learn it.

Today my friends called me to the indoor stadium. And I left hopping in my pink and white tennis shoes. I wasn't really going to play basketball (I have left two of my friends with contusions on their faces while playing the game). And indeed when I was in the stadium I missed holding my racquet so much. I wanted to go outdoors in the tennis arena and listen to the sound of the king ball being thwacked by the racquet. It's that sound I anticipate for while playing. I wanted to swing the racquet with perfect arches and chase after the green ball. Balance my footing and swing at the hips (like my coach says).And hit a smash-wait--I can't hit a smash yet! I never manage to hit a ball that comes high.

 I shall go from tomorrow. 

I held the basketball once and everyone- I mean EVERYONE just stops moving and waits for me to shoot at the basket! That makes me really nervous because I know I am going to miss the shot. But still I shoot- and I miss it. And I come out cursing!

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